Monday, 1 August 2011

Bad Breath and Heart Disease

Results from our online Quiz reveal that over 80% of people have some form of gum disease and do not clean regularly!!!

Well now studies are showing that apart from this laziness causing bad breath, the bacteria you are allowing to grow in your gums can be more sinister.

A large study published in the British Medical Journal showed a 70 percent increase in risk of cardiovascular disease in people who neglect to brush twice a day (De Olivera C, 2010). People with inflammation in their gums and gum disease have been shown to have systemic inflammation and an increased risk of heart disease. People who get treatments for their gums, get a reduction in the systemic inflammation. The same bugs found in the inflamed gums are found in plaques that plug up the coronary arteries of the heart causing heart attack.

It is now widely accepted that bacteria from your mouth can travel into your blood stream, and cause a multitude of issues. Do you need more motivation to brush and floss.

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