Sunday, 3 July 2011

Can Probiotics Stop Bad breath

Probiotics are sweeping the Internet, and are being touted as the cure all to almost every illness. In particular, Probiotics are being promoted as the best cure for Bad Breath (Halitosis). In my opinion, Probiotics only work well when used with a cleaning system. So please be very wary about the claims for a magic pill.

If the mouth and throat are first cleaned thoroughly of bacteria and then a probiotic such as BLIS K12 is used as the last step of this cleaning regime, the probiotic is able to make a temporary residence on the tongue surface, and help control the volume of other bad breath bacteria. The cleaning needs to be right back to the "gag" reflex as this is where most of the bad breath bacteria live. Testing at our Australian Breath Clinic found only non-foaming gels were able to clean to this area (KForce Tongue Gel).

In other words, Probiotics such as BLIS K12 work extremely well for bad breath when used strictly as directed. I really want to stress, that Probiotics on their own without this cleaning program will not stop Halitosis. They will however help to increase your general immunity against Strep sore throat.

BLIS K12 is backed by volumes of science from universities around the world. It is the most effective Probiotic at improving Oral Health and preventing mouth diseases. In fact this was its main purpose when developed back in 2000. At our Australian Breath Clinic we have shown that if you focus on a mouth and throat cleaning program every 12 hours to keep levels of the wrong bacteria minimal, then BLIS K12 can increase your Oral Health, and reduce the wrong bacteria in your mouth.

You will see that all our KForce Kits focus on cleaning the mouth and throat first. In fact the KForce Starter Kit and KForce Plus Kit (which are giving extremely high success rates) focus on complete cleaning for the first five days, and only then are the options of Probiotics offered.

I am happy to hear your feedback, and answer any questions. But please do not just take a Probiotic Pill and expect a miracle.


  1. I think if you don't have damage teeth it might be.

  2. I've tried Probiotics myself and I must say it helped me to minimize the bad odor and only for a short period of time. I suppose that they work only when combined with KForse cleaning products which does wonders!
    Thank you for such a product, it changed my life!