Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bad Breath Bacteria

I am often asked if you can kill the bad breath bacteria. The simple answer is NO. Most bacteria that cause bad breath or halitosis already live in the mouth and are quite harmless. It is just they break down proteins and the waste product they give off are Volatile Sulphur Gases or bad breath as we smell it.

Bacterial balance changes every day in our mouths, it is a dynamic thing. Such things as alcohol consumption, acid consumption, foods, cleaning of our mouth protocol, stress, dieting, illness and medication (just to name some off the top of my head) will influence bacterial balance.

So you can see this is impossible to stay on top of all the time. The one consistent thing these bacteria do, is that they will not make smells until they have formed into colonies. This roughly takes them twelve hours. So the secret to controlling or eradicating bad breath is two fold.

1. MOUTH CLEANING. This is not toothbrushing. But rather a protocol for cleaning the bacteria from the mouth and throat every twelve hours so that they do not have time to form into colonies and start making bad breath smells. This is the protocol I developed at our Australian Breath Clinic, and it is accessible with our KFORCE PLUS KIT

2. PROBIOTICS. Once the mouth is clean, it is the optimum time to place defensive probiotics in the mouth. These Bad Breath Protective bugs can change the dynamics of how the bad breath bacteria can live in the mouth.

These two things need to be done every day as part of living. Bad breath or Halitosis usually gets worse as you get older. So simply swigging some mouthwash or brushing your teeth will not suffice to eradicate bad breath in the future.

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