Monday, 3 January 2011

Morning Breath on New Years Day

Who woke up on New Years Day and thought a small animal had crawled inside their mouth and died. Yes the dreaded morning breath. And the first day of the year is the perfect time to get it. Why?

Well most of us had very little sleep the night before which upsets our body clock. Then add on top of this the alcohol that fuelled the night before causing major dryness of the mouth, and finally throw in not cleaning your mouth before you collapsed into bed for a few hours of shut eye. This is the perfect mix to get morning breath.

OK, so you know what you have to do to stop morning breath on other days. It is actually quite easy. In fact just ensure you clean your tongue with a tongue gel and tongue cleaner. Maybe flush your throat with some saline, and reduce your alcohol intake during the night.

We have put together a Morning Breath Treatment as well, to take the thought out of what to use. So you can try that and give us some feedback. But I would love to hear any New Years Day stories.

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