Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sore throat may cause bad breath

As you know I treat bad breath patients every day. I am able to get individual readings of all the different bad breath gases. The most difficult gas to treat is Dimethyl Sulphide. This gas comes from proteins caught at the back of the throat or on the gag reflex line of the tongue.

This means in times of an acute sore throat, there would be an extreme increase in the activity of these bacteria. I am starting however to see a trend where people report a sore throat occurring as the start of their bad breath problems.

This means that some bacteria that may cause issues are able to remain at the throat/tongue interface and make a new home. Generally the patient can smell the Dimethyl Sulphide all day, but the actual amounts of gas are so small that there is not enough escaping for the public to smell. So people around the sufferer tell them they so not have bad breath.

These patients are called Halitophobics. And up until we used our Halicheck Gas Chromogrpah they were unable to be diagnosed and properly treated. But now I am able to clearly identify these people and treat them. Please call me for more information about how we do this.

Also please post your stories if you feel this is the type of bad breath you suffer from. I would love to add your data to our evolving science.

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