Sunday, 21 November 2010

Shocking Bad Breath Results

Hello Everyone
Well "Dob in Bad Breath Week" is over again for another year. It was an exciting and hectic week. I did about 20 radio interviews all over Australia. We had amazing interest from Western Australia, and South Australia. You can click the link to listen to an interview I did on Radio ABC. CLICK HERE

Apart from the radio interviews we were published in the COURIER MAIL Newspaper, PERTH NOW Newspaper, ADELAIDE NOW Newspaper, and ONLY MELBOURNE Newspaper.

We also did an online quiz for people to check "How Kissable your Are". Unfortunately the results were quite alarming.
1. 80% of Australians do not floss their teeth (shocking)
2. 65% of Australians have signs and symptoms of gum disease (even more shocking)
3. 60% of Australians used a tongue cleaner (thankfully)
4. 80% of Australians thought they had Bad Breath or Morning Breath

These results really shocked me. We have such a simple and reliable treatment to stop bad breath and prevent it from returning. I hope that these sufferers find the time to read our website and maybe contact us for some personal advice. If you wish to talk to me my toll free Australia wide number is 1300-653-335

Till next time.

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