Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Websites - Appreciate Your Feedback

WOW..... End of another week. I just finished 4 intensive days of re writing the websites "" and "" I would love to hear your feedback, if we are meeting your expectations. You can vote just above the blog and let me know.

I had an interesting patient this week. She blew quite high on the HALICHECK Breath machine, with her highest reading being a feacal smell which usually indicates gum disease. But her gums were actually not too bad. definitely not bad enough to be giving the readings she was giving. So I did some further tests on her and low and behold her saliva was extremely acidic. The patient told me that she constantly has a bad taste in her mouth. This would be correct because acid saliva always causes a bad taste.

Anyway, I decided to get a full medical done on her as her breath readings and clinical examination were not adding up. Well guess what, she has uncontrolled diabetes. So that is what was causing her acidic saliva, taste issue etc.

But I wanted to turn her saliva neutral or alkaline quickly as, acidic saliva eats teeth in a matter of months. So I put her on the KForce Balance Rinse, and she is now better within days. So now the doctors can work out her diabetes, and she will continue to use our KFORCE PLUS KIT to maintain her saliva and keep her bad breath gases at bay.

Looking forward to getting the website feedback
Dr Speiser (CEO Australian Breath Clinic)

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