Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Aussie Woman Blames Bad Breath On The End Of Her Marriage

Australian Breath Clinic says don't let bad breath spell the death of your relationships Although most couples will say they can deal with their partner's quirks and idiosyncrasies, according to the Australian Breath Clinic, severe bad breath - left untreated - is fast becoming the new relationship killer. In fact, the Clinic says chronic bad breath - or halitosis - has lead to the breakdown of countless relationships, both personal and professional, and in one unlucky case has lead to a husband separating from his wife because of her chronic breath condition.

"We recently treated 'Mrs X' - 50 year old woman who was so concerned about her breath that it was affecting both her physical and emotional relationship with her husband," said Dr Speiser, Director of the Australian Breath Clinic.

"After visiting our clinic and taking an oral breath reading, it was clear Mrs X did have a case of halitosis and, although we quickly treated this, the constant worrying about her condition had clearly taken a toll on her and her husband. After subsequent visits, it became clear the marriage was on the rocks and her husband was seeing another woman - this poor woman was devastated and blamed her breath for the relationship breakdown."

According to the Australian Breath Clinic, relationships going sour due to a person's breath are fast becoming more common and frequent.

"Amongst the many patients we see each week, almost 70 per cent are due to problems within the relationship because of the patient's breath and we're seeing this figure increase quite rapidly. Most of the time it's the person suffering from bad breath rather than their partner who has the issue. For people living with bad breath, it can be difficult for them to be intimate or even physically close to another person because they're so worried about their breath being a turn-off."

But for one in three Aussies who suffers from bad breath, hope is at hand. And in the case of Mrs X, her breath diagnosis and treatment at the Clinic lead to a complete turnaround in her life.

"Although Mrs X originally came to us to treat her bad breath with the intention of saving her marriage, once she had overcome her emotional hang-ups about her breath she was a new person. On her last visit to the Clinic, Mrs X had turned over a new leaf, not only was she no longer worried about interacting socially because of her breath, she also realised she was better off without her husband."

"If you're unsure about your breath, don't delay in getting a professional opinion," said Dr Speiser. "Although most people would prefer to convince themselves that their breath will 'sort itself out', it might save your relationship - or even improve your chances of meeting someone - if you seek out professional help."

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