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Does your breath leave the right impression about you?

Could each person’s breath be as unique as their fingerprint? Do we each have an exclusive breath ‘pattern’ that could be used to identify us in room full of strangers? The case of the ‘bad breath’ bandit – a bank robber terrorising the city of Detroit who was identified by his fragrant breath – has lead experts including Dr Geoff Speiser of the Australian Breath Clinic to suggest that, unknowingly, each person’s breath could leave a distinct impression on those around them.

“There are over 50 different mouth gases that current technology can detect. However, through research at the Australian Breath Clinic, we’ve determined that only three of these make up the bad breath fingerprint. Incidentally these specific gases also have their own unique odour,” said Dr Speiser.

According to Dr Speiser, human breath is made up of volatile gases which can be measured, analysed and ‘read’ just like a fingerprint sample. Harnessing gas diagnostic technology, which can detect and cross references these gases in minute volumes, the same technology being used to detect the presence of cancer in people, Dr Speiser provides breath analyses for people concerned about the freshness of their breath. The ‘Halicheck’ samples over 50 individual mouth gases to determine the cause of bad breath odour in each individual. After the diagnosis, a breath freshening program is tailored to each person’s unique needs with a strong focus on achieving mouth ‘bacterial balance’ to deliver fresh breath.

However, according Dr Speiser, in recent times, more and more people have been seeking his advice specifically about the impact their breath will have in face to face situations.

“Although the Australian Breath Clinic has focussed on helping to diagnosis and treat people who suffer from bad breath, we’ve seen a huge surge of interest, following the global economic crisis, amongst busy professionals who want to make sure their breath is leaving the right impression on their colleagues and peers.”

“Unsurprisingly we found that the largest group of professionals interested in our services were executives. Working under time pressures and demanding situations that required their full attention, most needed to full confident that their breath wasn’t letting them down.”

Dr Speiser credits the rise in Clinic consultations both to the pervasive stigma still associated with bad breath as well as the Clinic’s new technologies which have made detecting and treating bad breath faster, quicker and more accurate. The Clinic claims to help people banish their bad breath in as little as 5 days through their unique bacterial balance program.

“Bad breath continues to be a taboo subject and most people realise they can’t rely on friends, colleagues or even their partners to let them know! Rather than running the risk their breath is leaving the wrong impression, many professionals visit us for a check-up as well as to maintain their breath’s freshness. In fact many seemingly ‘healthy’ people can suffer from bad breath simply by having their mouth bacteria thrown out of balance by lifestyle factors, certain medications, and even just having a dry mouth.”

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