Saturday, 28 November 2009



Stop Bad Breath with OraBrush. The latest Tongue Cleaner cleaning the tongues of the world. This is a unique tongue cleaner. In fact it is called a Tongue Brush. That is because it has both a Brush and Scraper integrated into the one device. Extremely efficient in stopping Bad Breath.

This offer has been so popular that we gave away over 200 cleaners in just one day. We have just received our new shipment, so now is your chance to get in quick and pick one up for yourself.

It is also a great stocking stuffer, and a non offensive present for that family member or friend that may suffer from Bad Breath.

BreezeCare and Australian Breath Clinic is giving a OraBrush away for FREE with every Quick Fix Kit, Treatment Kit or 6Pack you order from our websites. So jump in now and get your FREE ORABRUSH. Go to

Hope everyone has a great break over the New Year.
Dr. Geoffrey Speiser


  1. My son David rarely flosses or brushes his teeth. His mom took him to the Hilton Head Dentists' the other day for his teeth cleaning appointment. The dentist found out that David is starting to have tooth decay in his upper teeth. The dentist showed him pictures of what could happen if he doesn't brush his teeth properly. He taught my son the correct way to brush his teeth, tongue and gum, I was so relieved when I saw David today in the bathroom flossing! I enjoy reading your post and many thanks for the fantastic info. Great job!