Tuesday, 8 September 2009

How much does it Cost for Treatment

Hello Everyone,
I have set out below some information for patients that may want to visit our Sydney Clinic.

If your doctor has determined that bad breath is part of a chronic medical problem, then Medicare may cover the full breath and dental examination including all xrays and clean and fluoride. Your local doctor must determine this. Please call our clinic once Medicare has approved your status and we can make the necessary appointments.

If you belong to a private health fund and have dental cover, then a full breath and dental examination will leave you about $150 out of pocket. This is because the health funds do not cover the Halicheck or Saliva testing part of our program. However the actual examination, all xrays, clean and fluoride are all claimable.

Dr. Speiser is a member of MBF MemberCare. So all rebates are set at their rebate levels. Patients who belong to MBF Health Fund are entitled to a higher rebate when they are treated by MemberCare dentists.

Alternatively, you may want to start just with one of our Treatment Kits. You have the choice of Balance Menthol or BreathGuard Mild Mint. Both kits are equally effective, so you can feel confident with either kit.

We have more exciting news to release in a few weeks. So please keep checking back to our website often. Remember, you can always call us to discuss any individual needs.
Dr. Geoffrey Speiser

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