Thursday, 10 April 2008

Bad Breath Bug Discovered

"Biologists say they've identified the bacteria responsible for most cases of bad breath - Solobacterium moorei, which uses the tongue as a base on which to brew its malodorous compounds.

Two studies helped researchers confirm the findings, Reuters reports. One by the Buffalo School of Dental Medicine probed 21 people with chronic bad breath and 36 without and found S. moorei "in every patient that had halitosis".

A previous study of eight subjects with halitosis and five without showed S. moorei was "always found in patients with halitosis and never in patients who did not have this problem".

The biologists presented their findings to Saturday's annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in Dallas."

Here is probably another explanation of why KForceK12 Probiotic Treatment is so successful. KForceK12 is a bacteria that lives on the tongue surface and is able to defend its territory against invading bad breath bacteria such as S.moorei.

The other interesting point shown in the studies is that bad breath bacteria live in tongue coatings. KForceK12 is designed to remove coatings twice a day. So KForceK12 not only remove coatings bacteria feed on, but also fight against the actual bad breath bacteria. This is exciting news, more to follow!!

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